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Latest SAP Information

This section is a goto guide to the latest information related to SAP products

SAP Roadmaps

Next Releases

Support Dates

SAP Publishes it latest roadmaps to the following location:

The lastest ASE + Rep Roadmap 

The latest IQ Roadmap

SAP provides the following site that provides details of the next ASE release schedule. 

ASE Release Schedule


SAP provides Sybase specific Wikis

SAP publishes detailed information on SAP Product versions including operating system support and end of mainstream maintenance

SAP Product Availability Matrix Site

SAP ASE 16       31/12/2025

SAP ASE 15.7    31/12/2020

SAP IQ 16.1         31/12/2025

SAP IQ 16.0        30/11/2020

Rep Server 16      31/12/2025

Rep Server 15.7   31/12/2020

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